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We are a full-service brokerage representing both buyers & sellers. 

Quality Work

SCP agents are trained to take no shortcuts. In a world that is often unforgiving, the smallest overlooked detail, at a minimum, can cost buyers and sellers thousands, even millions, of dollars. SCP agents know that the details matter to you, so our attention to it is evident in our high-quality realty work.

Award Winning

When you treat people with compassion and respect, the word gets around. SCP agents are preferred over the agents that come from the big name competitors because we treat our clients like friends & family, not just another client or deal to get done.

Fast Movers

Your time is valuable. And with market conditions the way they are now, timing is everything. With an SCP agent, gone are the days of losing out on your dream home or big sale because an agent was too slow in getting an offer out or too unavailable to pick up a critical phone call. We take care of business quickly so you can get on to living.

Located In CA

S Curtis Properties is a full-service brokerage dedicated to selfless service. While we are based in sunny California, our clients come from all over the world. Our international networking has heightened our ability to get even the most complex deals done right.

Seeing Is Believing

Meet The Team.

We love our agents. And the people they’ve served love them too.

We take pride in our agents because they take pride in love. And it is this bedrock of truth that propells us to continue to strive for greater heights and a greater service in the business of homes. Home is where the heart is.

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